Photograph by MLA Photography

David Appleyard is an artist with a background in three-dimensional design. His creative practice is motivated by the aim to contribute to the quality of our shared environment. Each project is driven by a firm belief that creativity within the public realm has the ability to enhance our day to day quality of life, encourage debate and generally raise a smile.

Since establishing his studio in 2007, David has developed an eclectic portfolio of creative projects which provide interest, intrigue and delight. His on-going creative practice strives to communicate ideas and narratives through the development and production of three-dimensional works and temporary installations. The individual heritage of a site is often used as a catalyst for the development and production of permanent creative legacies that now occupy a wide range of spaces within our shared landscape. 

The studio continues to grow with a range of exciting new projects, interesting collaborations and studio experiments.

For updates on current projects, points of interest and studio activity please follow our social media pages.

David Appleyard / Appleyard Projects Ltd is based at Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield, UK.